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Radical Dairy
47 Kynaston Rd, Stoke Newington
020 7249 6996

Part of the London Social Centres
Network ( London SCN)

Events Calendar

Previously On At The Dairy

Here is the Autumn / Winter 2002 calendar. If you would like to put something on at the Dairy email us at the address above and we will get back to you, or write or call in for a chat.

Events Calendar

Mon 7th Oct: 7.30pm Feminist Theory - Paper on Women Speak Out website. Don't worry if you haven't read the paper!
Sun 13th Oct: 7:30pm Films showing:- Fritz Lang's brilliant 'M' starring Peter Lorre, and Edward G. Robinson as "Little Caesar". Classic!
Wed 16th Oct: 7.00pm Women's Only Cafe ( WANC ).Word Up! Slam Poetry night hosted by Joelle Taylor
Sat 20th Oct: After bookfair party: Phone on day for details. This is not at the dairy.
Fri 25th Oct: 8pm Film Showing of the Situation in Palestine. A Group of 16 rank and file trade union members, nurses, teachersand students visited the West Bank and Gaza Strip from 14th July - 21st July, 2002. This is a record of what they found.With Benefit Cafe.
Sat 26th Oct: DJ workshop for kids as part of the Festival of London Youth Arts, workshop by DJ Juggla -Pirate DJ. Local DJ's, MC's and Rap acts 9m - 2am: Upcoming local and youth hip hop acts including TMF, London Eye, SoulJahs.
Sun 27th Oct:

3:00pm Anti-War meeting. Organised by non-affiliated anti-war people in North Hackney.
7:00pm double film bill featuring a Ken Loach classic. More details later.

Wed 30 Oct: 7:30pm Women's Only Cafe with"Pumpkins & Period Drama" Pumpkin carving, herb quiz, thespian activities galore and a chance to win your own keeper, courtesy of the HAG collective, Brighton. Info phone 020 8211 0 663 if u wanna get involved.
Mon 4th Nov: 7.30pm Update on Feminist action and plans for possible action on 25th November - International day for the elimination of violence against women.
Friday 8th Nov: 7;30pm onwards Party! Party! Cocktail bar, vegggieburgers, DJs
Sat 9th Nov:

Starts 12noon. Alternative Technology Low Impact Living Workshops
Workshops and advice on bio-diesel, solar energy and other zero-emission power alternatives.

Creative Writing Workshops - Phone for details

Friday 15th Nov: We are all Zapatistas! Discussions from Bristol based IPHAT on the situation in Chiapas. Films and Mexican Cafe. Donations welcomed. All proceeds to go to water projects in the autonomous communities in Chaipas. Starts 7pm.

Friday before
Xmas /after
Solstice :

Christmas Party with the alternative Queens Speech