Radical Dairy
47 Kynaston Rd, Stoke Newington

Part of the London Social Centres
Network ( London SCN)

email: theradicaldairy@hotmail.com
Events Calendar

Whats On At The Dairy?

The Dairy offers a mixture of community-based events, radical workshops, social activities, and tuition in languages, and computing etc. All events are free ( donationas always welcome). Friendly informal atmosphere, new faces always welcome. Have you any ideas for events or things you would like to see on at the dairy ( fund raisers etc ) or skills which you would like to share. Email us or phone. Information of previous events here.

Regular Stuff

Mondays 7.30pm Radical Dairy Meeting - Introductions & Proposals on future events.
Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm Yoga 6:30pm French Language Lessons ( New !)

4:00pm Aromatherapy Massages
7:00pm Women's ( Anarchist Nuisance) Only Cafe( every 2 weeks) . Their website is here.

Thursdays 2:00pm Clean-up/building improvements. afternoon 7:00pm Spanish Lessons
Fridays 8:00pm Acoustic Night / Jam Session. Bring an instrument. Also vegan cafe most weeks
Saturdays Check for special events
Sundays 7:00pm Film Night. Returning in February. Cult films and film-noir a speciality.

Events Calendar

Fri 17th Jan: 8.00pm. Light the candles! - It's the Radical Dairy 1st Birthday Party. Fun, frolics, music, food, and of course balloons...probably.