Radical Dairy
47 Kynaston Rd, Stoke Newington

Part of the London Social Centres
Network ( London SCN)

email: theradicaldairy@hotmail.com

Dairy News in Brief

New Update from the Dairy January 9th 2003: :-

Fri 17th January 8pm Radical Dairy 1st Birthday & Eviction and Martins'Party.
Bring a balloon or a candle. Buffet,films, music, DJ, fun and frolics.

So long Kynaston Rd. A big thanks to our neighbours. We appreciate your support and we've learnt a lot over the past year. We all have a long way to go to reclaim our communities, to make them safe for our children - to build community relationships back up - the libraries, nurseries, jobs and schools free from the interference of the greedy and cowardly government and businesses that are ruining peoples lives, not just in England but also globally.

"The life unexamined is not worth living" Aristotle

"The personal is the political" Jacques Lacan

"This parrot is dead. It has ceased to be." John Cleese

"Your quote here"...You

Chairman Moo invites you In

mooNEWS, The Radical Dairy's own news sheet will be out for Spring. Iit's still coming out! Email us with your ideas and to make contributions.

Alternative Technology at the Dairy: We are experimenting. The planet's resources are finite. Even if we had limitless energy there would be nowhere for it to escape. The planet would burn up. ( OK this statement is simplified )heck New Scientist ( jolly good read) if you don't believe this. We need better housekeeping.

Internet Cafe: The Linux based, Broadband internet Cafe has had to be temporarily postponed. Keep watching this space for details.

Coming soon in February- Political Film Night. First up will probably be Argentina in Revolt, New Kids on The Black Bloc, & Operation Solstice. This had to be delayed due to some selfish thieves who nicked some video equipment amongst other stuff. We know who u are. Grow up! There's more to life than supporting businesses that employ 12 year olds in sweatshops to make Nike trainers for your fashion statement. And you think you've got it bad. Get involved.

Telephone- Unfortunately cut off due to abuse. Come on, phone calls cost money!!!!. Still no sign of the pay phone, ha ha..

For more news see the Indymedia website including the story of the electricity!