Radical Dairy
Currently appearing at 47 Kynaston Rd, Stoke Newington

Part of the London Social Centres
Network ( London SCN)

email: theradicaldairy@hotmail.com

Free Events. Cafe. Infoshop/Library. Community Centre

The Story So Far

The Radical Dairy project was conceived by a group of friends in January 2002. It has been open as a social centre for a year ( well by 18th January !!). Unfortunately we will be moving out soon ( eviction ). Perhaps its time. But do not fret. The Radical Dairy will reappear at another London location.

After a year with a great deal of police harassment, and being disconnected from the National Grid, we will still continue to provide political, social and cultural events. We would like to thank the local community for the amazing ammount of support they have given us. We are looking at alternative sources of energy such as solar panels, a clay oven, cycle power and even wind power...and a new building ha ha...

2003 Spring events coming shortly [ see calendar ] including film shows, kids art workshops, women's cafes, creches, yoga, BBQ's, Spanish lessons, computing, building, legal, and political discussion groups. We welcone all suggestions and input. Let us reclaim the community for ourselves and our children.

Radical Dairy 1st Birthday Party, Leaving Party & Martin's 50th Birthday ( he only looks 20 ) party is on Friday 17th, January, 2003 from 8.00pm.

The Dairy in Summer

Wanted - practical alternative energy experts and someone with a van............

How to get There:

Buses:- 73 to Church St, 106 to Stoke Newington High St; 67, 149, 76.
Trains:- BR Stoke Newington. Dalston Kingsland.